About Us

Industry leaders implementing technology to keep your company competitive

The Founders

Experienced team that’s worked with many Fortune 1000 Companies

The founders of JASCI have extensive experience in supply-chain software development, with over 20 years automating some of the largest global companies in ecommerce, retail, 3PL and wholesale distribution.

We founded JASCI to simplify running operations and provide the tools to compete in today’s omni-channel marketplace, plain and simple.

We leveraged our vision of what is coming in workforce technologies & processes with the latest development tools to create a next generation warehouse acceleration system – easy to implement, flexible, smart and powerful. Capable of managing the speed of enterprise customers, with billions of transactions annually, as well as the ease of use required of mid-sized customers.

About JASCI Software

Supply-chain acceleration software from the ground up

We founded JASCI to simplify running operations and provide the tools to compete in today’s omni-channel marketplace, plain and simple.

We built a new class of supply-chain acceleration software from the ground-up, tailored to meet the needs of omni-channel logistics via the cloud.  Our platform is highly scalable, offering new user experiences and new capabilities to truly compete in today’s markets, without months and years of high implementation costs and customized software.

With JASCI, it’s easy to manage your warehouse & supply-chain operations, see the information you care about in one place and use it to make smarter, faster and better‑informed decisions.

JASCI is a flexible multi-tenant, multi-company and multi-lingual platform that can be easily configured and customized with our Smart Task Engine, to eliminate those costly, unwanted modifications.

We partnered with leading companies such as IBM to embed world-class analytics, dashboards & reporting with Watson Analytics.

Available on a public and private cloud basis built on a high-availability, secure and scalable platform.

What We Invented

JASCI learns as the operations run, creating smarter decisions across the board

Next Generation of Software

JASCI learns as it runs operations, making smarter decisions based on historical and real-time events. As it learns, it applies those decisions in ways humans’s couldn’t, to continously optimize.

At the heart of JASCI, we invented a new approach of running warehouse operations called Smart Tasks. These Smart Tasks run warehouse operations without the need for continuous supervision. Smart Tasks look at the entire operation in real-time, applying optimized workflow to reduce labor-intensive operations, speed up process and increase customer service levels.

ViewPoint provides a window into the entire operations with real-time visibility to all inventory, orders, labor & equipment through the use of visual analytics, dashboards & reporting. ViewPoint’s data warehouse stores all historical data, and leverages IBM’s Watson to analyze and predict operations in ways never before available.

Apply labor management in new ways. JASCI manages labor in real-time, optimizing your most important assets. New mobile experiences that leverage hands-free wearables, will take any operation into the future.

Commitment to Innovation

Our team is continuously innovating to keep you competitive

We Listen

Some of our best ideas come from our Customers.

We evaluate value the input from our customers to enhance the JASCI platform. Talk with us about your issues and ideas, and if they will improve operations and add innovation, you will likely see us working on it.

Always Updated

The JASCI platform was designed to keep you updated.

From the beginning our goal was to keep our Customers updated without costly, time consuming upgrades. Easily take advantage of our latest advancements in software.

Innovate & Partner

We learned to focus, to be the best at what we do.

We partner with other technology companies to aggregate best of breed solutions, to provide our Customers with the best technology. This is an advantage that Cloud offerings provide.