Fulfill orders rapidly, accurately, and efficiently with real-time, waveless order picking.  Automated decision-making eliminates complexity and minimizes labor requirements.

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Our Cloud enabled shipping software supports many of the top international carriers.  Provides carrier compliant labels.  Easy to connect, easy to use, our solution enables shipping from anywhere.  Capable of working in large scale warehouses, to remote locations.



  • Canada Post, DHL, DHL Global Mail, Endicia, FedEx, Purolator, TNT Express, UPS, UPS Air Freight, UPS Express Critical, UPS Freight, UPS Mail Innovations, US Postal Service


Configure stationary and mobile packing stations within your operations.


  • Pack Single and Multi-line orders

  • Cartonization rules for optimizing package selection

  • Integrate weight scales

  • Confirm order and contents

  • Print carrier compliant shipping labels



JASCI shipping will rate-shop for the best shipping rates for your orders.


  • Leverages your carriers for best pricing

  • Use your shipping account numbers

  • Shop for best rates to match service levels

  • Provides tracking numbers



Address validation to speed up the process of packing and shipping


  • Address validation within the application

  • Correct addresses in real-time

  • Domestic and international