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Oracle Recognizes JASCI Software

2019 Oracle Excellence Award for Cloud Platform Innovation

Oracle cloud innovation award JASCI Soft

San Francisco, September 26, 2019 ( read more >

JASCI Software announced that it has received a 2019 Oracle Excellence Award for Cloud Platform Innovation. This award honors organizations for their leading-edge solutions using the Oracle Cloud Platform to drive business transformation and value by increasing agility, lowering costs and reducing IT complexity.


Our auto-scale cloud is capable of handling any workload for JASCI's cloud warehouse management system, providing our customers with best in class performance. A server-less architecture that is elastic to provide the computer power when needed. Our state of the art database technology also auto-scales to provide transactional performance when needed.



How big can our system auto-scale?

There is no physical limit to the size of our auto-scale, capable of processing billions of transactions

Our award winning Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) database can grow to 192 cores, 2.1 petabytes of data and 920 terabytes of flash memory.


Designed for speed, our mobile transactions average between 80 to 160 milliseconds to process. We employ advanced monitoring tools New Relic that ensures our customers peak performance.


  • 80 - 160 milliseconds average mobile transaction time

  • Managed service levels to ensure speed across all mobile transactions

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We know how important uptime and availability is for running logistics operations. JASCI provides a best in class cloud service level to ensure that the platform is always ready to use.


  • 99.9% SLA 7x24x365

  • 99.995% database uptime

  • Built-in redundancy at all layers

  • ATP Database is updated and maintained without down-time

  • Provides tracking numbers



Enterprise security to ensure your data is protected at all times. The most advanced database security available.


  • Administers security automatically with self-patch and self-updates with no down time

  • All data is automatically secured with strong encryption, turned on by default

  • Access is monitored and controlled, protecting from external attacks and unauthorized internal access



Born in the Cloud technology designed for multi-tenant, multi-company & multi-site in 80 languages. Multi-tenancy eliminates the need to host and manage your own cloud.


  • Always up to data

  • Eliminates the need to host your own cloud

  • Leverages auto-scale capabilities

  • Build-in redundancy for maximum uptime



Securely access JASCI's cloud platform from anywhere on the globe. Access through the internet or on private data lines (provided by customer).


  • Securely access anywhere on the globe

  • Connect using standard web browsers including Microsoft IE, Google Chrome or Apple Safari 

  • Access using mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet computers