Cloud Shipping & Rate SHopping

Reduce Shipping Costs while Maintaining Service Levels

Cloud Shipping & Rate Shopping

JASCI Cloud has developed a shipping module to save on cost while, having the ability to rate shop major carriers in real-time.

Our shipping solution creates an efficient process to ship orders and choose your carrier from a variety of choices. Having the opportunity to shop the best rates based on cost and committed delivery times, adds positive customer service to the business.

Working with top carriers such as, UPS, USPS, Fedex, Endicia, DHL, OnTrac, Purolator and, Canadian Post creates assurance with the customer for a continuous and lasting relationship.

For larger shipments, take advantage of our shipping interfaces with the hundreds of LTL and regional carriers that provide significant savings.

Easy to connect, easy to use, our solution enables shipping from anywhere; capable of scaling in any size warehouse, and remote locations.

Parcel & LTL Shipping

-Parcel rate shopping system

-AMAZON Prime Rate Shop

-Pack single and multi-line orders

-Ship to 50 countries internationally

-Carrier label compliance

-Rate shop LTL carriers

-Create custom carriers

Packing Stations

Configure packing stations for single and multi line item orders. Integrate scales, scanners & barcode printers for quicker, accurate shipments.

Customize Labels

Create custom shipping and return labels, including logo’s. Add barcodes for invoice, order reference numbers that are unique for your customers.

Customize Documents

Create brand new documents, like the packing list you see here. Map fields to templates that create documents for shipments.

Profit on Shipments

There’s a cost to your company for packing and shipping orders. This feature provides the ability to uplift fees on your negotiated rates.