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Robotics Automation

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Powerful Capabilities

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Workflow Platform

Modern Software for the Warehouse

Born in the Cloud, multi-tenant, multi-company & multi-location in 80 languages. Powered by the industry's most intelligent micro-services workflow technology!

Warehouse Management Features


650+ Omni-Channel workflows tailored to match requirements for 3PL, E-commerce, consumer goods & retailers.


As business needs change, enable workflows to match those new requirements.  Workflows can be tailored with micro-services.


As workflows are utilized, they are tracked to measure labor and robotic performance against labor standards in real-time & reporting.


Leverage our growing library of robotic workflows to facilitate use cases in receiving, put-away, picking, sorting, staging & storage.


Workflows are process driven, providing tasks one at a time. This process is easier to train staff.  Tailor workflows based on staff seniority.

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Cloud Warehouse Management System

SmartTask Workflows

Benefits of JASCI's Cloud Warehouse Management Workflow System


Everything you need to run your 3PL like a pro!  Out of the box workflows to handle your B2C & B2B customers.


Optimized  workflows for e-commerce warehouse from  inbound to outbound with built-in shipping.

Consumer Goods

Best practice workflows for consumer goods and wholesale distributors for your B2B & B2C customers.


Workflows for fulfillment to retail stores and B2C customers in a single platform. Deploy across warehouses and stores.

Omni-Channel workflows

Over 650+ best practice workflows to match your business requirements

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mobile app

Cloud Warehouse Management System

We invented the industry's most intelligent born in the cloud warehouse management system. Our growing library of over 650+ omni-channel workflows brings new levels of flexibility, efficiency, accuracy and scale to help you profit!

The industries only patented workflow platform that makes it easier to optimize and implement warehouses. Powered by micro-services, customers can leverage our workflow library to match your business requirements without coding projects!

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