Kenneth Cole selects JASCI’s next generation cloud shipping platform.

Almost everyone recognizes the name Kenneth Cole. You can’t stroll through high end department stores such as Macy’s and other retailers, both on premises and online without seeing the name broadly advertised as an easily identifiable popular fashion brand.

Kenneth Cole operates stores, sells through exclusive retailers and on-line stores.

Why JASCI: Kenneth Cole was looking for a next generation platform to help them growing their ecommerce.

Customer Service Levels: JASCI provides the speed, efficiency and accuracy needed to meet today’s customers expectations.

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Workflow Innovation

We live in a world where process is continually changing, and they will continue to change, but can you.

Conceptualization and implementation process change in the same day. Eliminate excessive detailed specifications, product code development, user acceptance testing and white paper projects.

Our new patent pending SmartTask workflow engine leverages hundreds of best practices to meet todays ever changing demand for continuous improvement.