Powell’s Books Selects JASCI

Powell’s Books selects JASCI’s Logistics Cloud Platform manage their next generation supply-chain.

Powell’s Books, the largest independent bookseller in the US, will be leveraging JASCI’s cloud platform to manage inventory in all their stores and warehouses.

1.  Managing all warehouse functions from inbound to outbound.

2.  Store fulfillment operations from a central warehouse.

3.  Ecommerce order fulfillment from both warehouses and stores.

4.  Managing all store inventory across the enterprise.

5.  B2C Smart Ecommerce order fulfillment where JASCI will optimize decisions on fulfillment from either stores or warehouse.

Powell’s Books is a chain of bookstores in Portland, Oregon, and its surrounding metropolitan area. Powell’s headquarters, dubbed Powell’s City of Books, claims to be the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world. With over 8 million books online, Powell’s also has one of the largest selection in the world.

We’re proud to be working with Powell’s Books and look forward to future success together.

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