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Warehouse Management

Online tech giants have provided shoppers new levels of expectations in product selection, price and delivery. JASCI levels the playing field for you to compete and grow.

In surveys, 40% percent of consumers name delivery as the most decisive factor in their shopping experience. 94% percent won’t return to a site after just one delivery failure. The ability to maximize profits is now directly related to the ability to manage inventory, labor and shipping across the warehouse.

Ecommerce Warehouse Management

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Outdated ecommerce warehouse management is costing you money. Every day!

  • Inefficient process

  • Manual Decisions

  • Poor customer service

  • Wasted labor cost

  • Inaccurate inventory

  • Out of control shipping cost

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Speed &


  • Leverage best practice SmartTask workflow to get things done faster.

  • Reduce manual decisions by leveraging real-time decisions.

  • Visualize your real-time performance.



One of the key components of fulfilling orders on-time is to maintain inventory accuracy. The ability to achieve 99%+ in accuracy is paramount to your success:

  • Reduce over-selling on the Web

  • Reduce under-selling on the Web

  • Reduce trouble orders

  • Reduce delays and manual workarounds




SmartTask workflow is a game changer for running your ecommerce warehouse operations.  There are many benefits that include:

  • Quicker implementations

  • Flexibility to change process without coding

  • Tailor workflow to train staff by skill level

  • Enable workflows for your type of business

  • Puts the power in your hands



As workflows are used, JASCI calculates the performance of each workflow for speed, accuracy and efficiency.

  • Labor performance by team member

  • Process performance by workflow

  • Real-time performance with leaderboards

  • Historical reporting with charts & tables




Next generation parcel shipping designed to save you money, and deliver quicker to meet your customers expectations.

  • Cartonization logic to pack correctly & reduce cubic dimensions

  • Rate shopping technology to reduce shipping cost while meeting delivery service levels

  • Singles process to reduce labor cost in packing and shipping

  • Multi-line process along with put-walls to make packing and shipping multi-line orders more efficient than ever​