PROMAT 2017 Review

PROMAT solves X conference in Chicago was a big one this year, on April 3rd – April 6th @ McCormick Place. there over 900 exhibitors and over 30,000 attendees this year

Logistics has hit mainstream, from the food we eat to the things we buy online, all of it comes from a global network of transportation and distribution. PROMAT (MHI) is the conference to be at, if you want to learn and innovate your business.

From what I could see, it was all about Software and Robotics. MHI (the organizers of PROMAT), did a great job in organizing these technologies, so the attendees could make the most out of their time. I will do a further blog write-up on robotics for logistics and compare technologies, as we are working on integrations for several robotic solutions to our cloud platform.

This was JASCI’s first PROMAT conference, and our booth was swamped for 4 straight days, as we debuted our Cloud technology for logistics. Our patents were filed before the conference, so we could go into details on our software innovations.

We previewed our innovations in cloud software technologies, that we think will change the logistics software market, as we know it today.

SmartTask Workflow System:

If you look at logistics or running a distribution center, it is all about creating processes, and then tying these processes together to create a workflow.  What ever function you look at, whether it’s inbound receiving, returns, put-away, replenishment, picking or even shipping, these are all workflows.


Workflow was typically special coding projects, which could take weeks and months to define and complete. Hopefully you got it right, but as things change, so does all that code. Upgrading technology was nearly impossible, as it was an enormous effort to even try. Even though companies thought they were buying a software product, these modifications really made were custom coded systems just for them.

Jasci invented SmartTasks, a platform that subscribers can use to create and change logistics workflow, literally within minutes. Subscribers can drag-n-drop process components to create or change a workflow, and then immediately test the transaction on a mobile computing device (Handheld, Tablet or Wearable). A game changer for many distribution operations.

Gravity Task System:

Gravity is provides a continuous flow of work, surpassing legacy software based on batched waves of work. What does that mean?

Most, if not all logistics software relies on manual intervention to organize and assign work within the logistics operation. Managers and supervisors spend hours daily, just trying to organize the work and then manually balancing among the staff.

Gravity replaces all that manual work, and automates it. Gravity then assigns the work based on priorities set within the operation, but provides instantaneous manual override capability, when its needed. 

Wearables for Logistics:

It’s 2017, and wearables are hear for good. JASCI teamed with VUZIX at PROMAT 2017, where we previewed our technology live. Using our SmartTask workflow system, we created pick and put workflow for an eCommerce operation that fulfills single and multi-line orders. The SmartTask platform created a real-time Android app that shows up on the VUZIX M300 wearable. Show attendees put on the wearable and performed pick-by-glass and put-by-glass workflow transactions. The workflow transaction provided vision picking by looking at the wearable display and also by hearing the transaction through the M300 speaker. This is called multi-modal technology, where the transaction can be heard and the user can interact via voice, all at the same time. The user also performed scanning with the wearable and also by using a ring scanner provided by Zebra technologies.