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Proven implementation methodology

Implementation Process

6 step approach to a successful install



After signing your Subscription agreement, your JASCI project manager will notify you of the start date. Within 1 week of your start, kickoff meetings are set. Team kickoff meetings can be done both on-site or off-site, dependent on your project needs.



Your cloud tenancy is being configured in our SaaS platform for both testing and production. Customers will receive their welcome kits, and our automated wizards will set-up each environment. Your team will be able to login and get to work with testing.



This phase is a collaborative effort to define the functional and technical requirements for the project.  A detailed analysis of each function is evaluated and agreed upon. A design document creates the “blueprint” and provides a guideline for a successful implementation. After sign-off, a project schedule will be set and mutually agreed upon.



Our teams and partners are well underway on delivering your system. The configuration phase is done in conjunction with the customer, based on the blueprint from the functional phase.  The customer will learn the Wizards and SmartTask workflow engine during this phase, as part of our knowledge transfer approach.  



At this point the customer begins testing in conjunction with the JASCI team.  This is one of the most important phases, as rigorously testing the configuration and processes is key to the success of the project.  This will be the most time-consuming phase as we emphasize that proper testing equates to a successful implementation. 



This phase starts with final training of staff, and transitioning to the customer in a phased approach. Go-live support can be either remote or on-site, as requested by the Customer. Support procedures are put in place, and transitioned to our support center.  Final system handoff and sign-off from customer.

Water Ripple

Project Management

Teamwork project management online system provides clear milestones, tasks, alerts and communications

Roles and Responsibilities

Project team of JASCI & Customer



Timely decision-making, operational expertise, and technical understanding all play extremely important roles in a successful implementation.



JASCI Software provides a project team to every Customer as part of every project, and divides their responsibilities to accommodate the needs of the project.

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