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Modern Software for the Warehouse

Proven implementation process to ensure your success!

Full Feature List

Why choose JASCI's 

Implementation Services?

Project Plan

Project Management

Your JASCI project manager kickoff your project and start the delivery process. A project plan will be created based project needs and timeline.

Workflow Review 

Your JASCI project team will review our library of workflows with your team, so we apply the best workflows for operational improvements.

Configure Workflows & Establish Integrations

Our team along with the customer will configure workflows from the review. Review & configure integrations for ERP, API, Webstore, Marketplace & EDI.

Testing, Training & Go-live

Customer testing of configured workflows and integrations.  We commence train the trainer and go-live preparation.  Go-live and support commences.

Frequently Asked


  • What are JASCI's Service Level Guarantees
    JASCI guarantees 99.9% availability to all customers.
  • What cloud security certifications are offered with the platform?
    CSA STAR - Cloud Security Alliance Security Trust Assurance and Risk ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems ISO/IEC 20000-1: Service Management Systems ISO/IEC 27001: Information Security Management Systems ISO/IEC 27017: Cloud Specific Controls ISO/IEC 27018: Personal Information Protection Controls ISO/IEC 27701: Privacy Information Management PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard SOC 1: System and Organization Controls 1 SOC 2: System and Organization Controls 2 SOC 3: System and Organization Controls 3 DoD DISA SRG: Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency, Systems Requirement Guide FedRAM: Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program FIPS 140: Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 140 HITRUST CSF: Health Information Trust Alliance Common Security Framework HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act AgID: The Agency for Digital Italy (Agenzia per I’italia Digitale or AgID) C5: Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog Cyber Essentials ENS: Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (Law 11/2007) EU Cloud CoC: European Union (EU) Cloud Code of Conduct HDS: Hébergeur de Données de Santé TISAX: Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange UAE ADISS: United Arab Emirates (UAE) Abu Dhabi Information Security Standard (ADISS) UAE IAR: Information Security Requirements United Arab Emirates (UAE): Information Assurance Regulation (IAR) Information Security Requirements ISMAP: Information System Security Management and Assessment Program ISMS (formerly K-ISMS): Information Security Management System MeitY: Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Policy MTCS: Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard
  • How does JASCI secure my data?
    JASCI leverages next generation database technology leveraging ORACLE's ATP (Autonomous Transaction Processing) on the ORACLE Cloud. It is secured by ORACLE and encrypted for protection.
  • Does JASCI provide 24 x 7 monitoring
    Yes, JASCI monitors the cloud 24 x 7 using the latest industry tools to support our customers globally.
  • Does JASCI offer multi-tenant SaaS technology
    Yes, JASCI has a modern cloud architecture that is multi-tenant, multi-company & multi-location in 80 languages.
  • How many languages does JASCI support?
    JASCI's platform is available in 80 languages.
  • How many locations can I have with JASCI
    Customers can deploy unlimited locations (based on paid subscription agreements)
  • Does JASCI offer cloud redundancy
    Yes, JASCI's cloud is redundant to provide maximum availability to customers.
  • Does JASCI backup my data?
    Yes, customer data is backed up and secured daily.
  • What is JASCI's data retention policy?
    JASCI provides acessability to 12 months of customer data. Customers can request longer retention for an additional fee.
  • Can I securely access my data?
    Yes, Customers can securely access their data.

JASCI Resource Plan

Customer Resource Plan

JASCI's project approach from project kickoff, go-live and support

Warehouses leverage automated systems to bring new levels of efficiency. JASCI open real-time robotics, lights and material handling capabilities can take your warehouse to the next level.

JASCI Software provides a project team to every Customer as part of every projectand divides their responsibilities to accommodate the needs of the project.  The typical make-up of the team consists of team as listed below. Other resources are added as necessary depending on the scope, complexity and timeline for the solution.

Ultimately, the availability, knowledge, and authority on our customer’s project team will largely determine scope and cost control.  Timely decision-making, operational expertise, and technical understanding all play extremely important roles in a successful implementation.

Workflow Review

During the workflow review process, JASCI will recommend workflows from our library and review with the customer team. Each workflow is documented so customers can easily follow the process.

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