Warehouse Solutions for Industries to Automate Their Operations

Unity Within the Industry

We founded JASCI to simplify running operations and provide the tools to compete in today’s omni-channel marketplace, plain and simple.

We built a new class of supply-chain acceleration software from the ground-up, tailored to meet the needs of omni-channel logistics via the cloud.  Our platform is highly scalable, offering new user experiences and new capabilities to truly compete in today’s markets, without months and years of high implementation costs and customized software.

With JASCI, it’s easy to manage your warehouse & supply-chain operations, see the information you care about in one place and use it to make smarter, faster and better‑informed decisions.

JASCI is a flexible multi-tenant, multi-company and multi-lingual platform that can be easily configured and customized with our Smart Task Engine, to eliminate those costly, unwanted modifications.


> eCommerce

> Retail

> Wholesale

> 3PL


The change in consumer behavior has caused us to build with eCommerce while being flexible for retail, wholesale and 3PL.