Achieve 99.9% inventory accuracy leveraging our best practice workflows. Inventory accuracy can maximize revenue so you reduce underselling and overselling your key assets.

Inventory Management


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Manage inventory across the enterprise including warehouses, remote locations and stores


  • Maintains Inventory Accuracy

  • Tracks and Updates Inventory

  • Ability to Adjust Inventory by Location

  • FIFO, LIFO, Lot, Serial, Date and Price Rules

  • Master File Maintenance

  • Hold Flags / Quarantine


Cycle counting inventory is integral to maintaining inventory accuracy.  Priority cycle counting focuses the attention where it needs to be, which makes the process efficient.


  • Priority Cycle Count System

  • Configurable Rules Capability

  • Cycle Count Now Feature, Any Location

  • History and Approval Process

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Location Check.png


Bin Audits are real-time inventory requests from the system, due to inventory discrepencies from various processes such as picking, putaway & replenishment.


  • Directs Inventory Auditors in Real-Time

  • Prioritizes Bin Audits for Inventory Auditor

  • Supervises the Warehouse for Inventory Accuracy

  • Reduces Supervisory Roles

  • Ensures Orders Get Fulfilled On-time


Replenishment functions facilitates the picking process.  Prioritizing replenishment functions ensures that orders are picked complete, and picked on-time.


  • Prioritizes Replenishment Operations

  • Reduces Supervisory Roles

  • Replenishment Staff is Managed in Real-Time

  • Order Fulfillment & Service Levels are Increased

  • Reduces Trouble Orders in the Warehouse

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Location Maintenance.png


Flexible features for managing bin locations in the warehouse.


  • Manage Inventory at the Bin Level

  • Facilities Bin to Bin Moves

  • Wizards for Creating Bin Locations

  • Ability to Segment Bin Location

  • Make Large, Make Small - Elastic Locations