Material Handling Solutions

Omni-Channel commerce is dramatically changing supply chain rules, as physical locations and the digital experience are now closely intertwined.


Leveraging enterprise inventory to fulfill the Customer's needs will not only increase sales, but also capture the Customer's loyalty.  


JASCI's SmartSupply Cloud platform was designed for just that.  An enterprise platform that's easy to use, easy to implement and a repeatable, intuitive process so any store associate can be trained



Accelerating the inbound process will reduce labor, and make inventory available for Customers and incoming orders.   Automates the receiving process from the back door to the shelf.


  • Purchase Order Receiving

  • ASN (Advance Ship Notice) Receiving

  • Receive by Case and Pallet

  • Sort Stock by Aisle or Store Location

  • Updates Inventory and Reconciles against Receipts

  • Hold Received Stock for Customer Pickup

Inventory Management

Inventory management functions are vital to keeping accurate inventory.  This will streamline store replenishment, but also provide accuracy to online ecommerce stores.  This is the only way to properly fulfill online orders from the store.


Enterprise multi-location capability can support thousands of locations.


  • Inventory Management Functions

  • Cycle Counting (Prioritizes based on POS Data, Volume and defined rules)

  • Location Mangement

  • Replenishment Functions

  • Order Allocation Technology that Looks at Enterprise Inventory


Integrated parcel shipping system that rate shops the order and prints a certified shipping label.

Pick / Pack / Ship

Facilitates the pick, pack and ship from store process. Flexible workflow engine that defines an optimizes the process from picking to shipping.  Creates a repeatable and trainable process, that any store team member can perform.


Stores do not have a lot room to to perform these functions, so we devised some new techniques to make this work, leverage mobile and hands free computing devices and printers.


Take a look at our new "Put-Wall" system.  Store staff can now pick orders in batch, sort them out in the back room via the "Put-Wall", and then easily pack (error free).  A repeatable, trainable process that saves time.

Click and Collect

We've partnered with the most advanced click and collect hardware platforms to facilitate self service for your Customers.  We made it easy.  Orders are picked in the store and put to the secure locker.  Customers are texted their code for easy pickup.


  • Provides Secure Unattended Pickup

  • Easy Solution for the Customer

  • Perfect for After Hours Pick-up

  • Great for Same Day Orders

Last Mile Delivery Solution
Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery solution provides all the tools for delivering orders, as well as final assembly at the Customer.  A comprehensive solution that manages the order throught the entire process.


  • Manages the Order from Start to Finish

  • Dispatches the Driver or 3rd Party

  • Loads the Delivery

  • Routes and Tracks the Delivery

  • Customer Proof of Delivery and Satisfaction

  • Accounting Reconciliation