Mobile & Wearable Technology

Designed For Today’s Mobile Workforce

Mobile & Wearable Experience

Impact on Operations Using State of the Art Mobile Technology

With JASCI’s Mobile Technology Experience, we’re changing the paradigm of how workforces interact within the enterprise.

Most interactions in supply chain logistics is through the use of mobile computing devices.

Mobility devices are literally evolving right before our eyes, with new wearable capabilities that never existed before. It’s a known fact that wearables provide the ability for hands-free operations, typically providing a 5% to 20% boost in productiivty.

Combine that with our Smart Task Workflow Engine, and enterprises can attain an additional 10% – 30% boost in productivity.

Wearables in Logistics

Wearable glass is a new technology that provides hands-free technology to users in logistics.  The Vuzix wearable M300 has the capability of a full android marshmallow device, with built-in processor, WiFi, display, voice & camera (for reading barcodes).  The Vuzix M300 will go beyond typical pick by glass and voice pick applications, that will be used throughout the operations from receiving, inventory management, picking, packing, shipping and returns.JASCI invented a new workflow platform to transcend limitations of running logistics operations.  Many warehouses are unique, and require specialized workflow to operate efficiently. Not only gets you up and running quickly, but optimizes operations with best practices from inbound to outbound.

New User Experience

Achieve higher levels of speed & inventory accuracy from inbound to outbound using new user interfaces.

Combines both vision and voice in the same application.  Multi-lingual and available in 80 different languages.  Built-in labor management calculates estimated time to completion, and tracks performance for the entire workforce, even in multiple locations.

Communicates with staff in real-time via mobile smart devices with integrated barcode scanners. All workflow transactions quickly direct and verify staff based on their assigned functions, from inbound to outbound.

Mobile Devices

JASCI supports the most popular Android and iOS devices. Mobile devices communicate wirelessly to our cloud platform from anywhere globally.

Being totally mobile, is no longer a nice to have, but necessary to operate efficienthly.  As device manufacturers move quickly to Android and iOS hardware, it’s important that your operations will be able to leverage all these new technologies. JASCI provides an Android app for Marshmallow version devices, and also supports browser communication to Android and iOS devices.  We support a range of devices from rugged Android mobile devices, to consumer phones and tablets. Just contact us for more information.

Mobile Printing

Leverage mobile printing in any part of your operations. Wireless mobile printers will enable more efficient workflow from receiving, returns and shipping.

Many logistics applications may require mobile printing capability.  JASCI has built the ability to print for applications such as shipping labels, Barcode identifiers (license plates) and price ticketing.  Printers are connected to your wireless network and communicate directly to our cloud platform.

Consumer Devices

Consumer devices are becoming viable options in the supply-chain. Our technology will support iOS and Android technology via a smartphone or tablet.

There are many applications in logistics for consumer level technology. For one thing, most management staff are using their smartphone and consumer tablets to perform their jobs. There are a number of peripherals available to semi-ruggedize consumer level technology for operations. JASCI supports this functionality through our Android App., Chrome Browser for Safari Browser.