Cloud Warehouse Management Software

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Cloud Warehouse Management System

A modern software platform that manages all your inventory, warehouses, orders, labor and analytics in a single platform. Simplified user experience so using the platform is easier than ever.

SmartTask Workflow

A modern workflow technology (patent pending), that provides new levels of capability for creating process. Choose from over 100 workflow templates created by industry experts to help you run efficiently and effortlessly.


Communicates with staff in real-time via mobile computing devices, instructing them step by step on tasks.  Workflow technology guides them through the process so anyone can be productive right away. 

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Connect your inventory, warehouse and orders to the most popular marketplaces, webstores, ERP's and shippers in one platform.
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Warehouse Management Features

Over 100 best practice workflows to choose from to run your fulfillment like a Pro

cloud warehouse management system

Inbound Management

Whether its “Dock to Stock” or ”Dock to Dock”, select from our growing library of workflows to optimize your inbound process. Improve the process for speed, accuracy and predictability.

Purchase Orders, ASN, Blind Receipts
Multiple workflows to choose from

  • ASN Receiving Workflow
  • PO Receiving Workflows
  • Blind Receiving Workflow
directed putaway
Multiple workflows to choose from

  • Directed put-away based on real-time slotting
  • Prints put-away label(s) for accuracy
  • Cluster put-away organizes the process for speed
  • 2 stage put-away process
quality control
Multiple workflows to choose from

  • Quality control workflow
  • Quarantine incoming product
  • Take picture of damaged or irregular product on mobile device
  • Updates cloud warehouse management system
returns management
Multiple workflows to choose from

  • Process returns with RMA’s
  • Inspect and organize returns with reason codes
  • Return to stock workflow process
Cross dock | quick ship
Multiple workflows to choose from

  • Allocates incoming product needed for back-orders
  • By-passes the put-away and picking process
  • Utilizes put-to-order & put-wall logic for organizing process
Intelligent ABC Calculations
Intelligent slotting process built-in multiple workflows

  • Calculates and slots based on ABC velocity calculations and ability for customer to provide forecasting information
  • Makes decisions in real-time, so your slotted optimally to reduce travel time and touches
  • Capability for date, lot and serial number
  • Single and multi-sku locations
  • Create product categories
Integrated in workflows
Intelligent slotting process integrated in multiple workflows

  • Receiving workflows
  • Put-away workflows
  • Replenishment workflows
  • Picking workflows with pick clean capability
  • Location move workflows
  • Cycle count workflows
  • Location audit workflows
Wizard Based Setup
Intelligent slotting process built-in multiple workflows

  • Wizard based technology creates slotting locations, eliminating time-consuming setup
  • Capability for date, lot and serial number
  • Single and multi-sku locations
  • Create product categories
intelligent decisions Decreases cost, increases speed
Intelligent slotting process built-in multiple workflows

  • Makes decisions in real-time and also provides override capability
  • Optimizes locations in real-time for efficiency across the operations
  • Properly slotted facility will speed up many processes
cloud warehouse management system

Dynamic Slotting

It’s no secret, a poorly slotted warehouse will cost a lot more money to run. JASCI optimizes slotting in real-time, eliminating wasteful labor travel time and multiple touches.

cloud warehouse management system

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory to attain high levels of accuracy and facilitating orders across warehouses, stores and 3pl’s can help you increase customer satisfaction along with increasing sales.

ABC Velocity calculations
Optimize inventory velocity

  • ABC velocity calculations for each SKU
  • Provide historical information for ABC velocity calculations
Visibility and history
Rea-time visibility screens and analytics

  • Records all movements and changes to inventory
  • Records all labor transactions against the inventory
  • Stores full history of inventory transactions
Inventory | Order Allocation
Allocating inventory to orders in real-time

  • Real-time allocation process
  • Workflows for allocations, with the capability to change allocation process and rules within the workflow
Multiple workflows to choose from

  • Directed replenishment & prioritization workflows
  • Replenish using Min-Max or by Letdowns
  • Takes into consideration Date, Lot and Serial Control
  • Replenish by Zone or Group Zones
cycle counting | Location Audits
Multiple workflows to choose from

  • Cycle count now:  Cycle count any location at any time, without the need to close locations
  • Directed cycle count: Intelligently manages and directs cycle counts
  • Interleave cycle counts with other workflows
  • Cycle count by zone or group zones
  • Cycle count rules
Bin Moves | Pick Clean
Multiple workflows to choose from

  • Bin to Bin move workflow
  • Location adjustment workflow
  • Location audit workflow
  • Pick clean process ensures slotting optimization
Kitting | sets | Embroidery
Functionality includes:

  • Kitting module for creating new products
  • Set function for selling different quantities as SKU’s and allocating to inventory
  • Embroidery process provides a work in process function
Order Management & Prioritization
Integrated order intelligence

  • Integrates orders from multiple channels
  • Ability to modify, change and cancel orders
  • Allocates inventory in the warehouse, store or 3PL for the order
  • Add distributed order management to allocate across the enterprise (pricing additional)
  • Orders are ready to be intelligently assigned during the fulfillment process based on priority rules
Cartonization & Cube Logic
Integrated calculates order size

  • Cartonization logic is used on order download that is used during the fulfillment process
  • Cartonization calculates cube and weight, to more intelligently assign orders for picking and packing.
  • Logic is used for cluster, batch and discrete picking to most efficiently pick and pack the order
Waveless Technology
Intelligent assigns and batches orders in real-time

  • Allocates parcel orders for picking in real-time, based on order priority
  • Allocates truck and pallet pick in real-time
  • Eliminates older static wave technology
  • Allows orders to be changed or canceled in near real-time
  • Continuously analyzes work to be allocated.
multiple picking workflows
Intelligent directed picking technology assigns picks in real-time based on priority

  • Discrete picking workflows
  • Cluster picking workflows
  • Batch picking workflows
  • Pick to cart or pallet or tote on conveyor
  • Pick from goods to person technology
  • Pick clean technology for real-time slotting allocation
  • Bin Audits for problem locations
  • Automated trouble process
Put to Order | Put Walls
Wizard technology for put-to-order | put-walls

  • Create put-to-order | put-walls in real-time with our wizard technology
  • Batches and assigns picks in real-time based on put-order status
  • Can eliminate travel time for picking in the warehouse by as much as 50%
  • Real-time visibility, order aging and alerts
cloud warehouse management system

Order Fulfillment

On average 75% of labor expense is allocated to order fulfillment. At the same time, you need to match the speed and efficiency of industry giants.  JASCI’s order fulfillment technology was developed to level the playing field, offering best in class technology to meet and exceed the competition.

cloud warehouse management system

Packing and Shipping

Manages the packing and shipping process. Workflows for optimizing parcel, pallet and case shipping. Integrated carrier integrations for shipping parcels to 50 countries.

Manages the packing and shipping process

  • Setup unlimited packing stations
  • Assign shipping stations for single and multi-line orders
  • Pack orders using cartonization logic to lower shipping cost
  • Prints carrier compliant labels on barcode printers
  • Prints packing slips
  • Integrate scales and barcode printers
  • Built-in address verification
  • Notification for inserts, and gift-wrap
  • Can re-allocate orders based on order prioritization
Parcel Carrier & Rate shop
Ship to over 50 countries using the most popular carriers

  • Built-in integrations with dozens of carriers
  • Rate shop logic, analyzes shipping cost across carriers in real-time
  • Selects lowest cost that meets order service levels
  • Prints both carrier compliant labels and packing slips
  • Integration with AMAZON Prime that includes rate shopping AMAZON’s carriers.  Print AMAZON shipping carrier labels
  • Ability to define new and integrate with new carriers
  • End of day close truck, transmits shipped parcels to carriers
Assign Dock Doors | Stage Orders
Workflow for handling pallet and case orders

  • Assign dock doors for routes
  • Stage pallets and cases in stating lanes
  • Visual based technology ages and alerts
  • Load truck workflows for loading full truck and routes
load truck | Trailer
Multiple workflows to choose from

  • Load pallets to trucks in random and route sequence
  • Close truck and create manifest
  • Apply seal to truck | trailer

Parcel Shipping

Ship in over 50 Countries Easily setup pack stations in one or multiple locations. Pack stations can be setup for Singles and Multi-line item processing. Cartonization rules can be applied, along with integrating scales and barcode printers.

Implementation Approach

JASCI and our qualified implementation partners will guide your implementation from start to finish.  Our approach was designed to get you up and running quickly, to start realizing the benefits of our platform.

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