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cloud warehouse management system

Order Management

JASCI gives you total control of your order management and fulfillment process.

Order Management provides several key features needed for modern companies to be successful. Managing orders across sales channels and leveraging inventory across your supply-chain is critical to increasing sales and customer service levels.  These features include:

1. Synchronize orders with sales channels

Download orders from sales channels including webstores, marketplaces, ERP and EDI systems.  Updates order status to those sales channels which ship confirmations and tracking numbers.

2. ordeR Analyzer

JASCI analyzes orders as they are downloaded or synchronized. Orders are analyzed for:


Service Level

Cartonization (sizing)

Allocation of Inventory

3. Allocate Inventory to orders

JASCI looks at inventory across your warehouses, stores or fulfillment partners and makes intelligent decisions on allocating inventory to those orders for the pick | pack | ship process.

It makes the decisions based on a set of rules configured by you, with the goal of leveraging your inventory across the enterprise. Other rules can include labor cost, inventory levels, shipping cost and service levels.

4. Enter orders, change and cancel

Customer service can enter orders, change or even cancel orders. They can look up real-time status of orders and even change priority.

JASCI can also accept order changes from sales channels through the download or sync process.

5. backorders & trouble orders

Manages all your backorders and trouble orders.  Can allocate new inventory received to orders.  Handles the trouble order process during the fulfillment process to create the perfect order as quickly as possible during the fulfillment process.

Gravity: Smarter Order Management

(Patent pending)

Provides real-time visibility to all order fulfillment functions.  It helps manage and prioritize all these tasks with speed, efficiency and accuracy.  Managers and supervisors have full control, as they can now see everything that is happening, with the full power to override at anytime.

Order management

Our goal is to make your implementation successful

Data Integration

Connect webstores, marketplaces and ERP’s to JASCI’s modern REST API’s.  Choose from our growing library of standard integration.

Returns API's

API’s for return information

Product Upload API's

API’s for product upload information

Order API's

API’s for order download, ship status and cancellations.

Product Variables API's

API’s for product variable information

Inventory Adjustments API's

API’s for inventory adjustments

Inventory Snapshots API's

API’s for inventory snapshots

cloud warehouse management system
cloud warehouse management system

Distributed Order Decisions

As orders are synchronized, they go through analysis to determine best fulfillment location.  This is based on a set of rules and factors so you can allocate your inventory to orders to for the best fulfillment process.  Goals if distributing orders are typically set to meet customer service levels along with finding the most cost effective methods along with shipping.

Real-time Order Status

Up to the second order status for customer service.  Up to the second order status for fulfillment staff. Ability to fix trouble orders without lots of manual overrides.

cloud warehouse management system
cloud warehouse management system

Gravity Order Prioritizer

Gravity provides visibility to real-time picking. Decides next best task for picking with the ability to override and focus work on your most important customers.

Consulting Services

JASCI's experienced staff and consulting partners have automated thousands of supply-chains. You can request consulting as part of the project, and at an additional fee, we will recommend and deploy the right consultants to help guide your transformation.

Parcel Shipping

Ship in over 50 Countries Easily setup pack stations in one or multiple locations. Pack stations can be setup for Singles and Multi-line item processing. Cartonization rules can be applied, along with integrating scales and barcode printers.

Implementation Approach

JASCI and our qualified implementation partners will guide your implementation from start to finish.  Our approach was designed to get you up and running quickly, to start realizing the benefits of our platform.

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