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JASCI announces autonomous warehouse robotics

ELMSFORD, N.Y., /PRNewswire/ -- JASCI Software, a recognized global leader in SaaS warehouse management software & robotics, announces patent pending ALIDA© (Autonomous Labor Intelligent Dynamic Assignment).

ALIDA© is a quantum leap in warehouse technology by managing staff and robots interactively to decrease dependency on labor while increasing speed, efficiency and accuracy. It smartly automates decisions by orchestrating tasks for staff and robots throughout the warehouse from inbound to outbound in real-time.

"This is a major challenge for all logistics facilities across the globe to achieve better results. ALIDA© eliminates the "science projects" that many companies will experience trying to deploy next generation robotic technology." said Daniel Napoli, CTO/Co-Founder and inventor @ JASCI Software.

"With over 4 million robots estimated to be deployed in over 50% of all warehouses by 2025, ALIDA© bridges the gap to making them work seamlessly" said Charlie Armstrong, JASCI Partner and former VP of supply chain for the Home Depot.

ALIDA leverages JASCI's next generation patented workflow technology, making it easier to deploy robotic solutions without custom coding projects. With over 650+ SmartTask© workflows out of the box, customers can leverage these workflows with staff and robots interchangeably.

Learn more about ALIDA:

"Making it easier to run logistics operations and providing our customers with the competitive edge is our #1 focus. When customers invest in JASCI, it's our responsibility to provide best in class technology to help them grow and compete. Our R&D in ALIDA© and recent acquisition of NextShift robotics are examples of that commitment, said Craig Wilensky, CEO/Co- Founder of JASCI Software.

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