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YEAR IN REVIEW: JASCI Top 5 COOL Platform Enhancements in 2022

It’s been a great year at JASCI, with a lot of COOL developments. Even Gartner thinks so—they’ve named us a COOL VENDOR in Logistics & Fulfillment technology!

Here are the TOP 5 highlights from 2022:

1. JASCI’s patented workflow platform has evolved over the past year, with the addition of 200 new Microservice Executions added to the SmartTask Workflow Library.

The new executions extend the capabilities and reach of our Cloud WMS & WCS.

These executions are available for both current and new customers to use.

2. New reporting & analytics platform. JASCI has new out-of-the-box functionality that enables data analysis to provide enhanced visibility into operations. And even better--JASCI’s data warehouse now stores data for the life of the customer.

Most other WMS solutions force data purging after 60 days, to prevent degraded performance. JASCI manages millions of data points every minute, with no impact on performance or security-- all in real-time.

3. Open Robotics: With a growing scarcity of labor & skyrocketing labor rates, "open" robotics in the warehouse has become a top priority for warehouse managers for 2023. JASCI's open/agile robotics enables multi-segment, from simple to complex-- robotics solutions.

In addition to JASCI successfully implementing its very own NextShift Robotics, we have also been working with other third-party robotic systems, to build a broader variety of turnkey automation solutions.

JASCI's wall-to-wall warehouse fulfillment optimization manages inbound robotics/operations. The fully automated solution includes inbound, inventory, outbound and complete shipping capability – and is 100% native in the JASCI platform. JASCI’s (Autonomous Labor Intelligent Dynamic Assignment) ALIDA technology is a unique feature and a key consideration for companies facing significant upgrades of conventional WCS when pursuing new robotic or automated facilities.

4. Enhanced Data Mapper. Enhancements have been made to the data mapper platform for greater self-service capabilities, under-the-hood performance improvements, and additional Webstore + Marketplace interfaces. These enhancements are currently being released to our customers with more availability coming in 2023.

5. Scalability and security. JASCI made significant “under the hood” improvements in our database query structure, which has improved our system performance by up to 50% overall. Our cloud WMS managed over 3-4 billion transactions in 2022. Our "born in the cloud" solution continues to evolve and innovate every year!

We'd like to thank our customers and partners for a fantastic year! Without your ongoing support and commitment, our success would not be possible.

Also, a big thank you to our employees and advisors for their massive contributions in 2022. You are the best in the business, and consistently deliver a distinct JASCI partnership advantage for our customers.



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