Warehouse Robotics &

MHE Automation

Reduce Order Fulfillment Costs & Increase Growth By Integrating Robotics

Omni-Channel commerce is dramatically changing supply chain rules, as physical locations and the digital experience are now closely intertwined. Many enterprises must invest in material handling equipment to meet the demands of the new marketplace.

JASCI software has the ability to control conveyors, sorters, print & apply and robotics in real-time. Configure workflow to optimize routing and order flow process.

This module has the unique ability to lower order fulfillment costs by improving labor picking productivity as well as reducing labor for outbound functions. With real-time automation control, a middle layer software is no longer needed, providing smarter functions with full visibility.

Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Material Handling Equipment

Conveyors & Sorters

Manage conveyors and sorters in real-time. Integrated conveyor routing capability provides continuous movement of product.


Conveyors an sorters facilitate efficiency and scale in many operations. The key to getting your value out of these investments is to keep them flowing continously.  This requires the WMS system to integrate directly to provide continuously flow, without cumbersome middleware applications. Contact JASCI for more information.


Deploy warehouse robotics to achieve higher levels of order fulfillment with leaner labor requirements.


Robotics are not new, but they are evolving on a yearly basis. There are many order fulfillment opportunities for robotics and may be in your future. There are many forms of robotics being offered, and JASCI will integrate with various robotic platforms as they make sense for our customers.

Print & Apply

There are many advantages to utilizing print and apply technology. Applications from inbound receiving to applying shipping labels efficiently.

Print and apply applications can provide significant improvement over using labor to perform these tasks. JASCI integrates with various printing platforms to perform print and apply functions. Contact us for more information.

Scan Tunnels

Manage scan tunnels and scales in real-time to identify and verify both inbound cartons and outbound shipments.


Scan tunnels provide significant value when using material handling MHE solutions.  Scan tunnels are typically mounted to the conveyor system, and can handle high-speed operations.  These scan tunnels identifies product on the conveyor using various barcode methodologies. It reads the barcode identifiers and then transmits to the WMS.  The WMS then acknowledges the product/order and properly then communicates with the conveyor / sorter to route to the proper destination.

Lights (Pick & Put)

Control pick and put to light applications within the JASCI Platform. PTL applications can provide faster throughput.

Pick and Put to light technology was typically used to speed up picking and put to order process within the warehouse. The WMS communicates to the light system via a light controller, which then turns on the lights associated with the work to be performed.

New wearable technology will provide similar functionality and speed, without having to run fixed infrastructure.  Contact us for more information.


Utilize dimensioning technology to measure and also weigh products and cartons accurately, without cumbersome manual process.


Product dimensioners are an important function when inbounding product to a warehouse or distribution operation. They come with various capabilities, when can dimension and weigh products at the same time. Many companies have started using them for outbound shipments to accurately measure dimensional weight to transportation carriers. These dimensioners integrate directly with the WMS and updates product data in real-time.