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Will you put your Supply-chain in the Cloud?

We've all heard about the "Cloud", and its potential for IT savings and the flexibility of having updated software. It's easy, no worries!

Supply-chain is a different animal though. It's one thing to lose connectivity to systems like CRM

Well, chances are, almost all enterprises have already crossed that threshold, as all your carrier software platforms are already there. That means all your shipping labels are generated from the Cloud.

It's invetible that this progression to the Cloud will continue at a rapid pace, as supply-chain collaberation is not possible without it. As I've mentioned in other posts, early adopters of Cloud technology will reap competitive advantages for those that learn how to leverage it.

Almost any software company can claim that their in the "Cloud", but there is a big distinction of Cloud developed software versus legacy software that is merely hosted on a server somewhere.

The only reason to consider the "Cloud" to run your supply-chain, is to take advantage what it offers. Yes, you can save IT spend, get rid of expensive licenses and offload responsibilities, but that is no the ultimate reason.

The key reason to consider true Cloud software is to take advantage of all the latest R&D efforts, keeping your company up to date and flexible to meet the future challenges of your business. I would estimate that over 90% of all supply-chain software installed at companies, have been heavily modified and custom tailored, rendoring them unable to easilty upgrade and take advantage of new developments and collaborations.

Just take a look at the revenues of the top public software companies in logistics. When 80%+ of their revenue is for professional services, you kind of get the picture! Highly modified and not very flexible.

The notion that "Cloud" software is "one-size-fits-all" is over, as we focused on developing a unique workflow system , providing unlimited ways to perform worklfow unique to your operations. We've added the "Hybrid Cloud", with the ability to scale the system on-site or off-site based on your preference, with a high-availability architecture. A new mobile user interface that incorporates wearable technology.

So Who's the Winner in this?

It's ultimately your customer. By reducing your costs, increasing accuracy and providing for new collaberations, your Customer Wins!

If you woul like to learn more, please contact me at:

Craig Wilensky



resident founder at JASCI

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