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Can it be True? #1 Cost in Healthcare to be Supply-chain?

GARTNER, a leading market research firm, is projecting that healthcare supply-chain costs will exceed labor costs by 2022. Almost 40% of all healthcare costs are realted to supply-chain today.

What does that mean to you? I think we all know what that means, but what do we do about that?

Many corporations have invested heavily in their supply-chain technology, as it is mission critical to remain competitive. There are many benefits, but the most common are accuracy, labor efficiency and optimizing inventory.

There are lots of benefits for healthcare, but it all starts with inventory accuracy. Inventory Accuracy is the basis for the Supply-chain, and without it, costs will continue to escalate, with limited visibility on how to improve.

This has proved elusive for many reasons, primarily due to:

  1. The lack of use of mobile devices and wearables. Until now, devices were too big and bulky for caregivers to carry, and would dimish their ability to care for the patient. Caregivers rely on mobile cart technology, and at 200lbs+, they are hardly mobile. Even when mobile devices are used, it is more of a batch process.

  2. Distributed Inventory. Inventory is stored in multiple areas and across multiple suppliers with limited real-time collaboration.

  3. The enterprise medical record systems (EMR) haven't been traditionally focused in this area, as their main focus was on patient related software.

  4. Pharmaceutical suppliers and distributors provide consigned and just in time inventory that is not easily tracked, with limited visibility and manual processes.

SmartSupply wants to change all that for Healthcare. A hybrid cloud platform that can function both on-site or off-site. Easy to use, easy to deploy, SmartSupply software modules were designed to tackle these issues, and bring supply-chain technology to healthcare, that was only available to the Fortune 1000 enterprises.

By lowering the costs to deploy this technology, providing real-time visibility to all the supply channels and bring new automated technology such as smartbins and smartlockers, this could be a reality for controlling supply-chain costs in healthcare.

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