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Retail Paradigm: Fulfill from Store

There's a new sherrif in town, and its the Consumer!

The new age Consumer, whether a Millenial or Baby Boomer, has new levels of expectations. Whether it's convenient for the retailer or supplier doesn't matter, the Internet has flattened the world, and the Consumer likes it. Why shouldn't they!

As a Retailer or Supplier, this is a paradigm shift, but we saw it coming. Sounds easy, buy and fulfill from anywhere and win the hearts of Customers. In reality, corporations had already built tremendous infrastructures from stores to sophisticated warehouses based on older business models. These infrastructures and supply-chains cost billions to implement, and now have to finds ways to leverage those assets, in the new business paradigm.

Retailers and Suppliers have to leverage all their inventory, wherever it is, and leverage channel partners inventory, to augment their offerings. This is the birth of the Omni-channel supply-chain.

Corporations are smart, employ the best talent available, and devise new strategies to flourish with these new challenges. You bet that these new strategies include leveraging the tremendous infrastructure of the Retailer, to accomocate however the consumer likes to shop.

That new strategy not only includes fulfilling from warehouses, but also from stores. There are many benefits but the main ones involve :

  1. Availability of inventory

  2. Leveraging shipping costs and ship time

  3. Buy online, pickup at store

This all sounds great, but lets consider the operational side of things. Not only are we asking stores to merchandise and sell product, but now leveraging that staff to become a warehouse. Stores are already stressed with doing more with less, but the omni-channel consumer is demanding options, and Retailers need to find ways to create the best buying experience.

Invetibly, new process and capabilities need to be established, and this is an evolutionary process. In the beginning, CIO's and EVP's will modify complex systems to accommodate the Consumer fulfillment process, but will also look for new tools that will enable retail associates to easily perform these task with accuracy and efficiency.

SmartSupply was created for this. A new hybrid cloud platform, that augments exisiting systems, that can easily tailor process without the complexity. Easy to implement, Easy to use so that Retail associates can perform tasks without complex training.

Ability for Pick, Pack & Ship (with rate shop), with options to grow to full store inventory from receiving, putaway and slotting.

Our new dynamic put-wall systems could be a perfect fit. Pick in batch, put to wall, pack to Customer.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me at:

Craig Wilensky



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