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Winola Lake Teams with JASCI to unlock Supply-Chain in Healthcare

PIPERSVILLE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Winola Lake Health IT, leading provider of healthcare IT and point of care technology solutions, partners with JASCI to release Smart Supply Cloud, a new collaborative supply chain offering for healthcare and life sciences applications.

The collaborative offering brings together Winola Lake’s robust experience and competencies in the healthcare space with JASCI’S secure, scalable and proven cloud-based supply chain platform to dramatically simplify the management and distribution of medical supplies. As a hybrid cloud offering, Smart Supply Cloud is capable of running on any cloud, including JASCI’s cloud, the customer’s private cloud, or on the customer’s own dedicated servers.

Designed exclusively to serve the multi-facility, multi-network requirements of healthcare and life sciences applications, Smart Supply Cloud provides real-time, end-to-end visibility and control over supplies and inventory. Among Smart Supply Cloud’s hearty feature set are its ability to configure intelligent workflows on the fly using drag and drop functionality, its built-in analytics engine, comprehensive mobile device compatibility, and universal EHR/EMR integration.

“Smart Supply Cloud addresses the fundamental challenges faced by our customers,” says Rick Hodge, Founder and CEO of Winola Lake. “Through this solution, we are solving the last mile of the supply chain – that is, tracking supplies from dock to bedside. In recent years, healthcare systems have been forced to adopt a business mindset. Smart Supply Cloud brings high-visibility supply chain management, a practice that has been long-leveraged by the Manufacturing and Retail sectors, to Healthcare – a sector with mounting pressure to increase efficiency and contain costs.”

With medical supplies accounting for roughly 30 percent of patient care, the potential for cost savings is significant. Beyond its obvious potential to boost visibility, efficiency and accuracy, and unlock significant labor efficiencies, Smart Supply Cloud provides a critical opportunity for ongoing measurement and strategic decision-making.

“We’ve seen our next generation supply chain management platform unlock big benefits across sectors for years,” noted Craig Wilensky, founder of JASCI. “Through Winola Lake’s proven leadership in the healthcare sector, we are able to bring the same big benefits to hospitals and health systems. We are excited to see the impact unfold.”

About Winola Lake Health IT

Winola Lake Health IT provides healthcare technology and services that address the diver​se needs of a number of healthcare roles. Committed to bringing innovative solutions that fulfill healthcare information technology needs, Winola Lake Health IT’s solutions make hospitals, long-term care facilities and physicians’ offices more efficient, improving the quality of care and the patient experience. With a seasoned team of healthcare technology veterans, Winola Lake Health IT takes a consultative approach to solving clinical application problems, working with clients to exceed the goals of their institution.

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