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Automate Packing - Up to 20x Faster

Automate your packing can produce big results. Not only can if pack up to 20x faster, but can also save up to 18% on postage weight. That's big money $$$$.

JASCI integrates in real-time to these new automated packing solutions to provide you a complete solution. As items are packed, JASCI weighs it, rate shops, and prints the label via a print and apply. Can't get any easier than that.

Enabled by Sealed Air automation systems, the StealthWrap film shrinks and conforms to the dimensions of an item’s primary packaging material at speeds of up to 20 packs per minute versus using traditional corrugated boxes that require up to 60 seconds to assemble, pack and tape.

Once in place, StealthWrap film provides a damage-resistant covering that obscures any markings or identification on the primary packaging. Its ability to eliminate outer shipping cartons and thus keep packages smaller not only lowers freight costs but also offers sustainability benefits such as delivering a 90 percent reduction in packaging weight as compared to corrugated boxes.

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