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Waveless Order Picking - How does it Work?

Patents Gravity Waveless Technology

Ecommerce is transforming how orders are fulfilled from distribution centers. Waveless is replacing the old way methods of wave management.

Gravity is a new waveless technology that transcends traditional wave management systems. It provides continuous flow of work, that legacy WMS systems cannot perform. Gravity can also look at all work, beyond just order fulfillment. This provides the ultimate flexibility for efficiency.

The digital world is transforming how orders are fulfilled from distribution centers. Orders are continuous, and shouldn’t be managed in stagnating waves of work. Why manually manage work in the warehouse, when you invested in technology to do this for you.

But there are many other tasks within a distribution center, that Gravity can manage. This includes all work including receiving, put-away, replenishment, cycle counts, location audits, slotting and all order fulfillment functions.

How does Gravity work?

Gravity is a flexible system that dynamically allocates work based on priorities. These priorities are set by supervisors and managers within the operations. Supervisors and managers can view all this work form a mobile tablet or full screen computer, from anywhere. Gravity also provides an override feature, that provides the flexibility to change priorities immediately, so work always gets done.

Views of work can be easily customized with our query engine. Managers can create their own custom queries on how they would like to see work within their operations. This provides the ultimate flexibility in managing the continuous flow that is needed in today’s environment.

Augment existing WMS & ERP systems:

Customers can even take advantage of Gravity’s flexibility to augment existing WMS and ERP systems. For example, customers manage and prioritize orders and labor that is needed picking, packing and shipping, without having to customize their legacy systems.

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