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mobile experience

  • SmartTask Workflow automatically creates the mobile experience.

  • As workflows are enbabled or tailored, SmartTask communicates via mobile devices to staff

  • Simplifies the delivery process of workflow across the entire supply-chain, globally.



Workflows are Smart, that's why we call it SmartTask.  They interact with the workforce, and also facilitate decisions in real-time.  It learns as it works to facilitate Speed, Accuracy & Efficiency.


A Cloud Platform to Grow with

next generation workflow (patent pending)



Smarttask workflow

Take control of your warehouse and fulfillment centers. Build and optimize workflow from inbound to outbound, driving new levels of value without custom coding projects!

Over 100 Best Practice Workflows

choose workflow for your business




SmartTask workflow is a game changer for running your warehouse operations.  There are many benefits that include:

  • Quicker implementations

  • Flexibility to change process without coding

  • Tailor workflow to train staff by skill level

  • Enable workflows for your type of business

  • Puts the power in your hands



As workflows are used, JASCI calculates the performance of each workflow for speed, accuracy and efficiency.

  • Labor performance by team member

  • Process performance by workflow

  • Real-time performance with leaderboards

  • Historical reporting with charts & tables


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