Vartech 2017Once a year, Bluestar brings together the leading technology used in supply-chain environments including warehouses, retail and transportation for their VARTECH conference.  Bluestar is a global technology distributor of some of the largest technology brands in the industry. It’s a great event where the industry gets together to discuss upcoming trends and new technology advancements so we can all advise and help direct our customers and partners to these trends.   The most important trend is the advancement of SaaS software business models. Attending several sessions, the industry is seeing an aggressive movement towards Software as a Service, and expect this trend to accelerate for the next couple years. Co-founders of JASCI having funThere were sessions dedicated to SaaS vs Cloud Hosted, and we have an upcoming blog article that discusses the differences.  Seems that many legacy software platforms are using Cloud as a form of hosting their server software called “Cloud Hosting”, whereas true SaaS software is newer and built from the ground up to take advantage of the Cloud.  SaaS solutions seem to be gaining the momentum, as it is subscriptions with continual advancements, and provides an even playing field for both small and large companies. This is great news for JASCI Software, as our Cloud Warehouse Management & Order Management technology is completely built from the ground-up for SaaS. Another trend is the movement in Mobile computing.  Mobile computing devices used in warehousing, transportation and retail are aggressively moving towards Android purpose built computing.  These are state of the art computing devices, with new lower price points than ever before.  This will allow both small and large companies to take advantage of using this technology.  Here are some of the devices we saw and liked at VarTech 2017.

Panasonic Toughpad:

Panasonic has a long history in rugged mobile computing. They have innovative Android mobile Toughpad FZ-N1 and tablet devices Toughpad FZ-A2.

Zebra Mobile & Wearable:

A great mobile computing manufacturer, Zebra has upgraded mobile devices supporting the newer Android OS called the TC51 and TC56.  Difference is drop-spec.  Zebra is also has an Android wearable called the WT6000.


A manufacturer of mobile computing devices, has introduced a very unique device call the Joya Touch.  The Joya Touch is smaller and lighter than other devices, with a smaller 4.3” screen size. With two form factors available (handheld and pistol-grip), you can deploy device configurations to match their applications. Changing from one form to the other is quick and easy.

The third area we see of growth is in the RFID & IoT space, where ubiquitous connectivity to unattended technology.  More articles from us to come soon on these technologies.   As always, if you want more info, just reach out to us @ JASCI