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cloud warehouse management system

Machine Learning Technology

Machine learning’s ability to adapt to changing conditions makes it especially well-aligned with the nature of today’s warehouses, where work is more dynamic and more real-time than ever before.  Couple that with enormous increases in SKU counts along with new customer expectations. modern supply-chains must incorporate smarter, real-time decision making.

Labor Decisions

This phase kicks off the project and is a collaborative effort to define the functional and technical requirements for the project.  A detailed flow analysis of each function is evaluated and agreed upon.  A design document creates the “blueprint” and provides a guideline for a successful implementation.

Order Decisions

The configuration and integration phase is started based on the blueprint from the functional phase.  Customer’s can easily integrate with JASCI’s modern REST API’s, leverage our ecosystem API’s, or contract JASCI to perform integrations.

Customers will learn the Wizards and SmartTask workflow engine during this phase, as part of our knowledge transfer approach.  Mobile devices are also being setup at this time, so workflow can be tested as it is being configured.

Inventory Decisions

At this point the Customer begins testing in conjunction with the JASCI team.  This is one of the most important phases, as rigorously testing the configuration and processes is key to the success of the project.  This will be the most time-consuming phase as we emphasize that proper testing equates to a successful implementation.  As issues arise, our teams will put corrective actions in place to resolve any identified issues.

Slotting Decisions

Covers all pre go-live activities, such as end user training, data conversion, physical inventory, mobile device deployment, in preparation for go-live.  Final testing is completed and Customer signs-off for go-live.

Teams are typically on-site to support the go-live. Support procedures are put in place, and transitioned to our support center.  Final system handoff and sign-off from Customer.

Machine Learning Expectations

Ecommerce is driving new levels of consumer expectations where low price, product selection and delivery are driving decisions.

Manual decision points and process will no longer keep companies competitive, nor even attract the talent needed to take your company to the next level.

Our machine learning technology will make the average company leaner, more effective and provide better service levels than the industry giants.

increases revenue

Every Company wants to increase revenue, that’s a “no-brainer”.  Machine learning technology will help companies attain new levels of revenue by working with real-time events and making smarter decisions. A quick example is in Ecommerce. Over-selling and under-selling is a real problem for most companies that work with many selling channels. This usually happens due to manual decisions and inneficient communications which effects both the top line revenue and bottom line profits. Smarter software systems reduce both situations, so you can maximize revenue and profits.

decreases operating costs

Machine learning technology will bring new levels of efficiency, thereby decreasing operational costs. As labor has become both expensive and scarce, leveraging newer decision making technology will be imperative to remain competitive.

facilitates growth

Ecommerce is driving new levels of growth. Many of our Customers leverage JASCI’s machine learning technology for scaling order fulfillment without having to build new facilities. This works by leveraging labor, inventory and locations in ways not done before.

How it Works

Our goal is to make your implementation successful

cloud warehouse management system

Real-time Decision Making

Smarter software using machine learning technology to make real-time decisions throughout the warehouse and supply-chain.  These decisions are based on several key objectives that are linked to priorities, speed, efficiency & accuracy.

Order Decisions

Facilitating real-time decisions on fulfilling orders to businesses and consumers in real-time is a game changer. These decisions are based on several criteria that includes, but not limited to:

  • Prioritizing Orders
  • Allocating inventory across the enterprise
  • Shipping decisions based on price & service levels
  • Synchronizing with multiple sales channels
  • Real-time tasking of staff
  • Incorporating robotics and automation

cloud warehouse management system
cloud warehouse management system

Inventory & Space Decisions

Managing inventory and slotting within the warehouse in real-time provides for efficiency, speed & growth. Machine learning technology learns as it works so that companies can optimally manage inventory and locations without manual decisions.

Consulting Services

JASCI's experienced staff and consulting partners have automated thousands of supply-chains. You can request consulting as part of the project, and at an additional fee, we will recommend and deploy the right consultants to help guide your transformation.

Parcel Shipping

Ship in over 50 Countries Easily setup pack stations in one or multiple locations. Pack stations can be setup for Singles and Multi-line item processing. Cartonization rules can be applied, along with integrating scales and barcode printers.

Implementation Approach

JASCI and our qualified implementation partners will guide your implementation from start to finish.  Our approach was designed to get you up and running quickly, to start realizing the benefits of our platform.

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