SmartTask is an intelligent workflow technology to optimize process within the warehouse without coding.

200+ Best Practice Workflow Templates:


Pre-built SmartTask workflow templates from inbound to outbound to optimize your warehouse. Workflows can be easily tailored to meet your specific business process.

2x - 3x Improvement in Overall Speed:


SmartTask Workflows are optimized to bring best in class process to your fulfillment operations. Faster process for inbound, inventory management, slotting and order fulfillment.

< 20% Improvement for Inventory Accuracy:


Workflows can provide gains for inventory accuracy without cumbersome process.  During normal operations, SmartTask workflows will optimize accuracy without manual workarounds.

Implement your warehouse in weeks:


Wizards automatically setup SmartTask workflows based on your business type. Also pick and choose from over 200 to match your needs.

< 50% Improvement in Storage Space:


Inventory management and slotting workflows are optimized to manage your storage locations efficiently. Customer can expect gains in overall storage capacity leveraging SmartTask workflows.

2x - 3x Improvement in Overall Speed:


Intelligent SmartTask workflows orchestrate real-time tasking. Manages staff, material handling equipment and robotics without manual workarounds and complicated integrations.