warehouse analytics

Real-Time Warehouse Analytics

Real-time analytics and dashboards brings visibility to operations, management and team members enhancing speed, efficiency, accuracy and predictability.





  • Aging Location Checks

  • Aging Pick Clean

  • Aging Put-away

  • Aging Restock

  • Aging Sales Order

  • Aging Sales Order Percentage Complete

  • Aging Work Type

  • Back Order Rate

  • Hourly Work By Task

  • Labor By Task

  • Labor By Task Per Hour

  • Labor Low Standards

  • Labor Top Three By Task

  • Labor By Work-type

  • Open Location Checks

  • Open Locations By Area Profile

  • Open Locations By Area Zone

  • Sales Order Shipments

  • Sales Order Percent Complete

  • Shipments By Carrier

  • Shipments By Work-type

  • Shipments Same Day Of Week



As workflows are utilized, real-time analytics are being generated to see performance by task and labor.

  • Measures each workflow performance

  • Measures team worker performance

  • Looks at slotting and location performance

  • Manages orders for aging and completion