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JASCI announces workflow patent

Logistics is all about process and workflow. Optimizing process can make the difference in being competitive and making profits for your company. For years, changing process or operation workflow was a big event that needed justification, and approval of funds before taking on the project of recoding systems. Hopefully you were right!

Imagine being able to take a concept, and easily creating the process, and then being able to test it immediately.Our team took on the challenge of creating a new way to create logistics workflow, without constantly recoding process. Not only does this benefit our customers, but also helps our internal team to provide innovation versus continuously recoding process logic. Customers also benefit from always being up to date on a single revision managed system, versus having highly customized systems that are difficult and costly to upgrade.

Why use a workflow platform for warehouse management system WMS?

A WMS is a group of workflows that are tied together to create a warehouse management system. Unfortunately, many legacy WMS systems custom coded workflow and lack the true flexibility to facilitate change as market requirements dictate. This flexibility need is most prevalent today, as the digital marketplace is changing how consumers buy products. In many cases, this requires IT departments to assess technology and take on large projects with their legacy systems to meet new process requirements Cloud WMS, built from the ground-up, is designed to take advantage of new advancements in technology, provide a new level of workflow flexibility and allow for quick implementation and continuous revision management without costly upgrades.

Modular workflows for warehouse execution. Augment existing WMS & ERP systems:

Customers can even take advantage of SmartTasks flexibility to augment existing WMS and ERP systems. For example, customers can create optimized picking, packing and shipping workflow, without having to customize their legacy systems.

WHAT IS A SmartTask?

SmartTask is graphical workflow system, where Customers can drag-n-drop logistics process, to create workflow. It is highly flexible, where logic can be added to process components to handle simple and complex transactions.

If you look at logistics or running a distribution center, it is all about creating processes, and then tying these processes together to create a workflow. What ever function you look at, whether it’s inbound receiving, returns, put-away, replenishment, picking or even shipping, these are all workflows.

Workflow was typically special coding projects, which could take weeks and months to define and complete. Hopefully you got it right, but as things change, so does all that code. Upgrading technology was nearly impossible, as it was an enormous effort to even try. Even though companies thought they were buying a software product, these modifications really made were custom coded systems just for them.

JASCI invented SmartTasks, a platform that subscribers can use to create and change logistics workflow, literally within minutes. Subscribers can drag-n-drop process components to create or change a workflow, and then immediately test the transaction on a mobile computing device (Handheld, Tablet or Wearable). A game changer for many distribution operations.


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