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Hot Topics Webinar: Leveraging Robotics in the Warehouse

Our FREE Hot Topics Webinar: "Leveraging Robotics in the Warehouse".

Robots are becoming a necessity in the warehouse. What you need to know!

REGISTER for this webinar to learn how to leverage robotics along with use cases in e-commerce, wholesale, CPG and 3PL logistics. Streamline & automate your process to attain higher profit margins and increased customer satisfaction! Agenda:

  • Robotics 101 for your warehouse: what you need to know

  • Use Cases (e-commerce, Wholesale, CPG & 3PL)

  • Costs & ROI

  • Getting Started: how-to steps

Featured Speaker

Craig Wilensky JASCI Software CEO & Co-Founder

Interested in more how-to's? Watch our Training Session Webinars, or check out our current training schedule and sign up for the next session.



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