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Benefits of JASCI's Reporting & Analytics

Operational  Analytics

Labor & Workflow


Real-time and historical labor and task reporting. Continuously measures individual, team and workflow performance.  Dashboards and reports along with measuring against labor standards.

Powerful Reporting

Get access to all your data with the industries most powerful reporting platform. Create public and private reports, then share.

Dashboards & KPI's

Full suite of dashboards and KPI's to manage your operations and warehouses like a Pro!  Create your own Graphs and Charts.

Labor Management

Built-in labor management reporting in real-time along with historical time ranges. Workflow analysis and performance.

3PL Portal

Provide reporting access to your 3PL customers like never before. Make it easy for your customers to access their reports and data.

Reporting & Analytics Features

Reporting & Analytics

Powerful reporting and analytics at your fingertips. Dashboard KPI's and reports from inbound to outbound.  Customize your own reports, share with your team and customers.

Operational insights to all your inventory, orders, shipping, labor, robotics & automation. Key performance indicators from inbound to outbound makes it easier than ever to manage your supply-chain. Securely access and share data with team members, management and  your 3PL customers!

Gravity is the industries first patented actionable analytic system. Get all your real-time operational analytics from one screen. Gravity is the source of truth and tells the whole story of what is happening from inbound to outbound.  You can customize and create your own gravities, make them public or private to share with other team members.

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