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Benefits of JASCI's WES/WCS Automation

WES/WCS & Lights Pricing

Warehouse Automation

made Easier

JASCI's makes it easier to incorporate material handling automation within the warehouse. Configure conveyor routing, diverts, scanners, weight scales & print apply.  Configurable pick and put to lights for faster order processing.

Many warehouses deploy material handling solutions for speed and efficiency. JASCI's approach of a single platform making smarter real-time decisions makes it efficient and easier to manage.  This eliminates layers of 3rd party technology, complex integrations and batch data that ages!


Configurable conveyor routing with divert management & load balancing


Configurable in-line barcode scanning and identification equipment

Weight Scales

Configure in-line weight scales for weight capture and order verfication

Print & Apply

Configure in-line print and apply stations for automated label applications


Sortation logic to assign lanes for orders. Enable round robin logic.

Zone Divert

Configurable divert by zone logic for pick to light along with zone pass

Trouble Lane

Mobile and desktop app to identify issues with orders that divert to trouble lane

Round Robin

Configure round robin and allocation logic to balance the traffic in picking and shipping

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Pick and Put Lights

Configurable light system built right inside JASCI.  Configure pick light, multiple colors, zone management with pick and pass.  Combine conveyors and diverts for a fully automated environment.  Configurable put-wall capability, multi colors, put-wall management. Combine conveyors and diverts for a fully automated environment.

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