Warehouse Execution System

Warehouse execution is the technique of optimizing the logistical flow of orders, inventory, labor, and material handling systems in a distribution or fulfillment facility.


We built a new class of software from the ground-up, leveraging a next generation workflow technology. SmartTask workflow can be tailored to meet the needs of of your warehouse or distribution facility without the need for massive coding project.

Warehouse Execution System
Advanced capabilities for material handling equipment

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Next Generation
Task Workflow Technology

Optimize Warehouse Process

A next generation workflow technology that has the ability to tailor process within the warehouse without massive coding projects.

People, Robotics & MHE

Workflows can be used to instruct people, robotics & material handlings systems in real-time.

Workflows by Skill Level

Adjust workflows for the staff skill levels for specific tasks and job types.

Workflow Performance & Monitoring

Real-time analytics capability to monitor workflow performance along with labor and robotics.

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Order Management

Order Management

Advanced order management provides the ability for order download, order changes & order deletions. Synchronize between WES and your ERP or WMS systems

Order Streaming

Order streaming eliminates the need for manual wave release and continuously provides order flow for picking

Priority Based Technology

Orders are autonomously monitored and prioritized within the system to eliminate time consuming manual decisions

Gravity - Actionable Analytics (patented)

Real-time actionable analytics provides the capability to see all order status's along with the ability to override system priorities, giving unparalleled control

Picking Management

Multiple Picking Options:

Leverage SmartTask workflow technology to facilitate multiple order picking methods, including (i.e. cluster picking, discrete picking, batch picking, pick & pass)

Pick to Carton, Tote & Pallet

Cartonization logic that provides advanced capability to pick to a discrete carton, tote or pallet. The system will dynamically allocate orders based on work type & size

Conveyor, Cart, Forklift or Robot

Pick orders with an array of equipment options. Pick orders using conveyor (pick & pass or cases), configurable carts, forklift or robots (cart robots, pallet robots, AMR's)

Zone Management

Configure zones within the warehouse and choose different SmartTask workflows tailored to picking methods that provide the most efficiency

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Packing Management

Pack Stations

Setup pack stations in JASCI for multi-item and single item orders.  Pack order efficiently, accurately and quickly within JASCI.

Cartonization Logic

Advanced cartonization logic recommends container or bag size to pack orders. Can group order or split orders as needed for shipping.

Value Added Processes

Define value added process at the pack stations to meet your or your customers requirements when packing.  Leverage our compliance label library.

Packing Conveyors

Integrate packing conveyance solutions to speed up the packing process. Use divert logic and balance orders across pack stations.

Shipping Management

Dock Management

Manage staging lanes and outbound docks for orders to be shipped. SmartTask workflows for managing the process of staging drop-off and truck loading.

Parcel & LTL Shipping

Rate shop and ship parcel orders globally with our state of art parcel carrier shipping platform.  We integrate with global carriers directly from JASCI.

LTL Carrier Shipping

Rate shop and ship LTL orders with our LTL shipping capabilities. Choose from over 180 LTL carriers and shipping brokers. Add pallet dimensioner's to lower costs.

Outbound Sortation and MHE Capabilities

Configure outbound sortation systems and divert logic for outbound orders.  Add print & apply, in-line scanning, in-line weight scales, in-line dimensioner's, trouble lane logic, recirculation.

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MHE Automation
open connectors for multiple solutions

In-Line Barcode Scanning

Incorporate in-line scanning automation to  verify product within your MHE solution.  Real-time controlled from JASCI SmartTask  workflows.

Sortation and Conveyor Routing

Setup your conveyor routing and sortation  controls with the JASCI platform. JASCI  SmartTask workflows route and divert  cartons & bags in real-time.

Print & Apply

Using print and apply technology can reduce  repetitive labor, increase compliance and  speed up process. JASCI SmartTasks  supports automated printing.

Weight & Dimension

Configure in-line weight and dimensioning to  for multiple purposes within JASCI. Capture and validate  weight and dimensions inbound to outbound.