Learn From Industry Leaders On How to Manage & Operate your Business in the Cloud

6 Ways to Optimize your Warehouse Labor

Supply chain executives today are faced with challenging technological advancements and ever-changing demands from consumers to provide top-notch service and warehouse labor efficiency. There are several ways to optimize your warehouse labor systems, which in return...

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SaaS vs. Cloud Hosted: What’s the Difference?

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud hosted computing are terms we are all hearing on a daily basis. These are two very different approaches to cloud technology, but what does it all mean? I’ve personally heard many definitions, all dependent on personal...

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Vartech 2017 Update from Orlando

Once a year, Bluestar brings together the leading technology used in supply-chain environments including warehouses, retail and transportation for their VARTECH conference.  Bluestar is a global technology distributor of some of the largest technology brands in the...

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Cloud WMS Review:

Cloud WMS systems offer many benefits, but the most significant is the ability to leverage the latest technologies without having to go through complex upgrades. Businesses are changing rapidly due to commerce on the internet, and accessing new levels of software to meet those requirements is more important than ever before.

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Patents SmartTask Workflow Engine

SmartTask is graphical workflow system, where Customers can drag-n-drop logistics process, to create workflow. It is highly flexible, where logistics process be created in minutes, without coding.

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Patents Gravity Waveless Technology

Gravity is a new waveless technology that transcends traditional wave management system. It provides continuous flow of work, that legacy wave systems cannot perform. Gravity can also look at all work, beyond just order fulfillment.

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PROMAT 2017 Review

JASCI launches cloud innovations @ PROMAT 2017, that might change the logistics software market.

PROMAT solves X conference in Chicago was a big one this year, with over 900 exhibitors and 30,000+ attendees this year as the logistics market has hit mainstream.

From the food we eat to the things we buy online, all of it comes from a global network of transportation and distribution. PROMAT (MHI) is the conference to be at, if you want to learn and innovate your business.

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