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Our Story

What does JASCI stand for?


Jessica, Amber, Sarah, Catherine & Isabel.  The first initials of the founders daughters in chronological order.

After the acquisition of our company Knighted Software, a leading provider of WMS software to Intelligrated/Honeywell, we founded JASCI to create a new experience for companies looking to leverage their supply chains as competitive advantages.  


Our goal was simple: provide a born in the cloud affordable platform that all companies could leverage. Bring new levels of innovation to solve problems with labor shortages, rising costs and unflexible software that plagued many companies.

Leveraging over 30 years of experience in creating software platforms for the logistics industry, JASCI created the next generation warehouse management platform born in the cloud. A self service platform that is easier to implement, easier to use and easier to change so that our customers can control their own destiny!

Innovating Logistics and

Warehouses Globally:

JASCI received the Oracle Excellence Award for Cloud Platform Innovation. This award honors organizations for their leading-edge solutions using the Oracle Cloud Platform to drive business transformation and value by increasing agility, lowering costs and reducing IT complexity.

Elastic for Growth

Micro-Services Architecture

Leading Edge Security

Accessible Anywhere

99.9% Service Level Guarantee

Auto Scaling for Speed

The JASCI Team

Making Logistics


JASCI Software Team
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