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Benefits of JASCI's Parcel Shipping

Rate Shopping

You can now rate shop carriers for every order across your negotiated rates. We analyze the service level so we pick the best rates.


When provided dimensions and weight, JASCI can determine the best shipping container and recommend that to the packer.

Parcel Carriers

We have the most up to date integrations with popular parcel carriers.  Ship both domestic and international orders with JASCI.

Pack Stations

Specially design packing applications for single and multi-line orders to pack faster with accuracy and efficiency.

Shipping is the one the most costly factors when fulfilling orders, typically ranging from 8% - 20% of cost of goods sold. Having the right tools can make the difference of making a profit on an order. JASCI provides advanced features so that you can maximize your profits on every order!

Cloud weight scales

made easy

Integrate your weigh scales with JASCI.  We support a variety of scales including:

  • USB scales which implement the USB HID standard. This covers a wide variety of scales in use today. Your scale's manufacturer documentation should specify whether your scale supports USB HID.

  • Scales which communicate over a serial interface. There is no overall standard for serial communication protocols used by scales so we have added support for a variety of popular models.

Secure cloud printing

made easy

Secure Cloud printing made easy, fast, reliable and secure. Automated label and barcode printing is easy, fast and hassle-free with JASCI. We support the most popular label printers from the most trusted manufacturers, such as Zebra, Honeywell, DYMO, Epson and Brother, and others. You can print your 4x6 shipping labels, location labels, license plate labels, and manifests without a fuss. JASCI has full support for printer native formats such as ZPL.



Choose from our growing carrier connectors for your parcel orders and ship domestic or internationally.  Need a new parcel carrier?  Just reach out to your sales representative for new requests.

Parcel Shipping 


Parcel Shipping

made easy

Advanced parcel shipping features for packing and shipping your single and multi-item orders faster and more efficiently. 

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