Continuously organizing and optimizing where inventory is stored and moved throughout the warehouse. The smart algorithm greatly reduces travel time and management oversight.

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A smart algorithm runs in real-time to optimize inventory locations during normal hours of operations.


  • Interleaves Pick Clean for Location Selection

  • Re-classifies Inventory Based on Rules

  • Directs Put-away and Replenishment Tasks

  • Balances Inventory Bin Locations

  • Dynamically Re-sizes Locations (by size & velocity)

  • Facilitates Temporary Push Locations for Speed

Machine Learning

By keeping the warehouse properly slotted in real-time, operations can perform better in multiple ways.


  • Reduces Picking Hours

  • Speeds up Picking Process

  • Reduces Put-Away and Replenishment Time

  • Reduces Supervisory Time Spent on Slotting

  • Eliminates Massive Bulk Inventory Moves

  • Increases Order Fulfillment Service Levels



There are many decision points that drive the algorithm and make Dynamic Slotting a must for all warehouses.

There are other considerations that make Dynamic Slotting a must have for all warehouses.


  • Weight and Size Considerations (ergonomics)

  • Secure, High Value and Special Storage

  • Zone Balancing and Like Product Separation

  • Product Family Groupings

  • Special Handling Requirements

  • Zone Balancing